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"Lerotholi Thite"

"Topspin supplies genuine, aesthetically pleasing clothing that Karabelo and Thebe are so passionate about..."


Lyndon van der Haer Tennis Academy

Motto: " Developing children not only in tennis, but in all walks of life"

I have been using Topspin since 2012.  I love and enjoy using their
equipment and have been very successful in selling quality Topspin branded

I have around about 110 children that I coach!  The ages differ from 4-16

Topspin has a lot of equipment to choose from. My Academy have literally all
the equipment available from Topspin and they have a lot of training aids
available. I believe this is one of the reasons for the success of my
academy.  The children love all the training aids and it makes coaching
interesting for them.

Due to my passion for tennis and coaching as well as for children, I started
my own Tennis Academy in Bethlehem in the Eastern Free State in 2012. I
studied Theology at Kovsies and I am an ordained Dutch Reformed Minister as
well. The first time I did a coaching course I saw Topspin equipment used by
the coach who was giving the course and I decided that when I have my own
academy I would like to also use the same equipment. Today I use only
Topspin and will always use Topspin.  I highly recommend Topspin for
everyone due to factors like the quality, price and variety of equipment
Topspin has to offer.

The rackets for children starting tennis, beginner players are really good
affordable rackets and I put all my younger players on the different stage
rackets that Topspin has available. (From stage 1-5) My son who is turning 3
in October has 3 Topspin stage 4 rackets already and 1 Stage 5 racket. My
intermediate and advanced players uses the  more advanced rackets Topspin
has available for them which once again is very good quality rackets at
reasonable prices. I often buy rackets from Topspin and I hit with them, or
use them when I coach to get my own personal feeling of the rackets that are
available and I am impressed by how they play.

Training aids such as Line markers, round markers are available especially
for coaches to help them coaching youngsters.  I use them every day when I
am on court coaching and they are even effective for intermediate- advanced
players when we are doing drills and practising skills. I use Topspin ball
baskets. Once again what I like is that there is a variety of baskets that
one can choose from at different prices and the quality is good as well
since I have been using some of my baskets for a number of years. They also
sell caps, clothing and tennis shoes for tennis players.

Furthermore is the Topspin tennis balls made of English felt and of a high
quality. I take for example the durability of green dot balls. It really
lasts long and once again is very affordable compared to other brands. A lot
of the children that I coach often tells me that they prefer the Topspin
green dot balls. I use the stage 1-3 balls on a daily basis and then of
course the sponge balls which the younger kids of between 3-5 enjoy a lot
and they try and get the sponge balls first when we do some exercises.

Don't forget about the kollectaball that Topspin also has available for
coaches and children to help pick up the balls very quickly and effortless
so that we can start practising again to become the best that we can.

I use the Topspin mini tennis nets as well on a daily basis and the nice
thing about them is that you also get them in different lengths for example
3 meter and 6 meter. I have both the sizes and it is very helpful for
smaller children.

I only use Topspin strings and there is a big variety of strings one can
choose from. It is also suitable for a lot of playing styles and personal
preference. But overall the durability, spin, power and control that the
different strings give one is unbelievable.

Thank you Topspin for making it possible for me to help building my Tennis
Academy and making my dream come true to help develop children to the
fullest of their potential with your equipment.

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