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The Topspin brand was established in 1987 - Quality Performance Tennis Sports gear from Germany’s largest full-range manufacturer of tennis products. Topspin manufactures performance tennis rackets, clothing, equipment and high quality strings. 

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What People say

"Juan-Philip van Antwerpen"

"My first tournament racket was a Prince O3 and then I moved to Topspin at the age of 14. During my junior and college years, my weapon of choice was the Culex S1 (320g) which gave me the perfect combination for spin and power for my game. I played 4 years of competitive tennis for Davenport University, Michigan USA where I had great battles with the Culex S1 and was able to uphold a winning record.  I was also an assistant coach at Davenport University for 2 years.  Last year my club team came 3rd in Nationals (USTA league) with my trusted set of Culex rackets always strung with a fresh set of Topspin Cyber Blue 1.30mm strings. The Culex range models all have the "Anti Shock Groove" and UTS technology.  Would not change my Topspin racket for any other brand!"




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