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PURE CS1 - 280g


Concept: PURE LINE
Professional Tennis live by the interplay of power, speed, precision and the right feeling. It is essential that you have the proper hand tools. The individuality of each player must be considered in the clubs and everyone should be able to identify with his racket. Our goal is not only to build rackets that meet the highest technical and quality requirements, but also to set new standards in this area. This is what we achieved with the new PURE line.
What you will not find in TOPSPIN are lush exaggerated sham innovations to supercharge the one purpose -"Verkaufszahlen" while unsettle the consumer. According to our motto "less is more" we renounce unnecessary details and gimmicks. TOPSPIN rackets never follow a trend but set our own high standards. Topspin PURE rackets are extremely stiff. So far we are the only company to offer the 20mm frame with over 69RA stiffness.  The heart connection is straightened in all PURE rackets, which gives maximum rotational stability, the handles are extended for a two-handed game and we use the best and most durable material. Namely GRAPHITE BRAIDED!
in-house development of Topspin tournament rackets offer the advantage that we can improve our products constantly in consultation of our contract players and customers. An advantage of this method is the knowledge accumulation in the development.


PURE philosophy.
NO paint, NO plastic features. All PURE function.
Rather than to paint the PURE rackets we added an extra layer Braided Graphite. This woven graphite tube improves the racket's torsion and will make it lasts longer than any other racket on the market.  PURE rackets are playable for many many years. Conventional rackets loose stiffness and torsion after repeated stringing, whilst PURE rackets are still as good as the first day.
PURE rackets are as individual as you are. Fully tuned - and adapted just for you! Weight adjustment in the grip, and in the racket head make a PURE racket your ultimate weapon on the court.

With the three PURE models we can serve all serious tournament players!

Topspin Rackets - Pure CS1 280g

R2,499.00 Regular Price
R2,299.00Sale Price
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