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The Toolz Agility Grid is a versatile training device for maximum training fun and maximum training results at the same time. Through the almost infinite possible combinations, you can design your Coordination AGILITY GRID as you wish.

How does this thing work and for whom is it suitable?

Many patterns can be created by the arbitrary assembly of the coordination elements. The coordination AGILITY GRID allows you to perform numerous jump, sprint and running combinations to sharpen your coordination, agility and endurance. You can run forward, backward or sideways through the individual patterns or jump, which can bring another training impulse. The training rings can be set up in 3D, making them ideal for children's training, as children can playfully climb through the GRID or throw balls through the Grid set up to sharpen hand-eye coordination.

Product description:

  • Ideal for coordinative training in leisure, club or school sports
  • Contents: 6x hexagonal grids, 5x connection clips
  • Diameter: 50cm
  • Colour: green

ToolZ - Agility Grid

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