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Toolz Reaction Ball - Product description:

Train your anticipation ability and your reaction speed with the Toolz Reaction Ball and use it in your training. Playfully promote your coordination training and improve your reaction significantly. Soon you'll be unbeatable at catching balls with improved reaction for any sport!. PLUS+ The fun is guaranteed!

How does this thing work and who is for?

The ball bounces in an arbitrary direction when it hits the ground, which promotes reaction and anticipation when caught. The step in the right direction must be taken early in order to catch the ball safely. The eye, hand and foot coordination are trained and the overall coordination is improved. The trainer and the trainers can use the speedball in many different ways and thus increase the fun factor during training in a playful way.

Product information:

  • For the training of reaction speed and anticipation
  • Material: rubber/plastic
  • Colour: green

Reaction Ball - ToolZ

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