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Tennis racket children Stage 2 - orange

Age group: 7-11 years
Length: 60cm
Weight: 200g
Court: Mid Court

The Topspin Stage 2 kid's racquet is perfect for children aged 7-11 years. Depending on the size and playing strength of the children, this age can vary. The Topspin kiddy racket is 60cm long and weighs 200g. Especially for children, the right tennis racket is of enormous importance to guarantee a successful learning experience and to avoid frustrations. In 2007, the Play+Stay concept was developed to teach the children how to play and teach them the right technique. Rackets suitable for children together with large and low-pressure balls should create moments of success and bring about significant improvements in the striking techniques.

Stage 2 P&S Racket - Orange dot ball

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