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TOOLZ Digital Skipping Rope

The TOOLZ Digital Skipping Rope is ideal for training endurance, coordination, motor skills and footwork. Whether for workout at home or on the road, with the skipping rope the fitness level can be increased in no time and everywhere. Especially
for sports such as tennis, boxing or crossfit, the fitness skipping rope is ideal for developing footwork. Especially practical:
The Speed Rope is equipped with a digital display that shows the number of revolutions.

Product information:

  • Training device: digital skipping rope
  • Purpose: for endurance, footwork, coordination and motor skills training
  • material: rubber & plastic
  • Rope length: 300 cm
  • Features: Digital display with revolution counter

TOOLZ - The brand for training equipment

TOOLZ offers more than 70 training products in the categories strength training, coordination, funplay, stretching and yoga.
more variety and dynamics during training. With the clever fitness equipment, the training level is increased in no time.

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Digital Skipping Jump Rope

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