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The Challenge line was conceived, designed and created for athletes who are approaching a competitive level and want both lightness and power, exploiting the characteristics of PRO racquets. Following on the over ten years of success of the Black Death, the BLACK DEATH CHALLENGE inherits its best characteristics with the adoption of the RADIAL HOLES SYSTEM EVOLUTION1.1®. The only thing different is that we used CARBON GLASS COMPOSITE in the racquet face to provide elasticity and excellent ball control. This racquet gets its thrust from the internal material composed of ISA elastomers that make the face extremely soft and responsive. Available in three colours: Red, Green and Blue and excellent quality and value for tmoney!


Weight - 345 +-5 grams

Lenght - 49cm

Balance - 26 - 26,5cm

Thickness - 22mm

Black Death Challenge - Carbon Glass Combo

R2,200.00 Regular Price
R1,800.00Sale Price
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